Upon full utility reveal, tax revenues will be accumulated and voted on by the community to direct to its favourite beneficial causes and projects. All taxes will be directed towards helping the overall goals of Shinu to be the premier women’s token in the space.
Shinu will help women be heard as creators, equals, and assume their rightful position as leaders in their individual fields. In Shinu we trust, and to women we give all.
Shinu will become a global brand name empowering women from all walks of life to deal with whatever challenges, goals and ambitions they have.
Shinu will utilize crypto to help women across the world fight the good fight as they progress their business ventures and the crypto space as a whole. Shinu is a woman’s best friend both as a leader, and as a guardian for those who need aid.
Shinu will use her charm, wit - and irresistibly cute face - to attract investors and community members from across the cryptoverse to her cause. Join the Shinu movement today and change the world: one meme at a time.
Shinu will step up to be a proven leader and nurturer in the community memecoin space and show she is the warrior queen to lead the pack day in and day out. With strong leadership both in her name and in her committed, experienced and trusted backing, Shinu has the all-powerful goddess potential to topple all other coins that stand in her way.
They say girls are smarter than boys and She Inu is no exception... Shinu is a cute, female-guided community coin with 0% tax, built for the people. Shinu cares about her degens, and feels our suffering in the current bear... Now she’s here to turn things around for everyone.